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June 3-5 2022 Las Vegas 

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Join World-Class Business Experts, High-Level Influencers and Thought Leaders In Personal Development For This One Of A Kind Live And Exclusive Event!



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Rachel Weaver

Business & Mindset Expert II Entrepreneur 

Founder of Amplify & Impact Host of "The Comeback Podcast"

Becca Tepper-Teruel

Entrepreneur || Influencer

OG Miss Jetset Magazine Cover Girl

Founder of Consistent Creator and the Creator Club

Meet The Speakers

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Jason Sisneros - Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

An entrepreneur, a speaker, a philanthropist, and a mentor, Jason Sisneros is a powerful influencer and thought leader who has used his success and influence to feed millions around the world, fight for abused women, and rescue underaged sex slaves.


From a life of abuse at the hands of his adopted father, to living a life of a gang member, to failing at his first three business attempts, Jason has overcome insurmountable odds and learned through life, through mistakes, and through triumph over trials, how to own and run a successful business. Currently, he owns over two-dozen businesses, has consulted for hundreds of other business owners, and has completed more than 70 turnarounds for small- to mid-cap businesses. Through the art of leadership and the science of strategy, he has become “The Architect,” building structurally sound, action and outcome-driven businesses for himself and his clients.

He says,“The mistakes, bad decisions, and failures of my life do not define me nor negate the value of the lessons and wisdom learned from the sum of these experiences. Quite the opposite. It requires of me a crucial calling to teach, guide, and lead.”


Marcus Black- International Speaker

Marcus is the true definition of a superhero without a cape. he believes in teaching because YOU CAN! He puts God 1st. He is a family man. Marcus is a best selling author and international speaker. He is the host of The Vitalize Podcast. 


Yesim Saydan - LinkedIn & Instagram Expert/Strategist

Yesim helps Entrepreneurs grow their Sales and Authority from Linkedin and Instagram WITHOUT spending lots of time on content creation.

She is hand-selected by Google to be a Social Media Mentor at Google’s Accelerator and by Linkedin to be in their Creator Program.

Yesim is also a sought-after Speaker, speaking at various conferences worldwide, to share her expertise with global Leaders.

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Molly Dare-Media Expert

Molly Dare is the founder of Hillenbrand Media company. She produces stores and interviews of today's influential entrepreneurs and public figures. Molly is the amazing podcast host of On Air with Molly Dare.


Nate Forrest - Marketing Expert

Nate Forrest is the founder of All In LLC, a marketing agency helping entrepreneurs and network marketers increase revenue by creating "all in moments" with new branding, social audio, and social media marketing strategies. Nate hosts the daily live interactive podcast, The Social Media Show, in the Breakfast with Champions club on the social audio app Clubhouse, with 147,000+ club followers. 


Aurea McGarry - TV Show Host & Producer

Aurea is an Emmy Award Winning TV Show Host and producer, currently serving on the Emmy Awards Board of Governors and as an active Emmy Judge. She is a TEDX and Professional Keynote Speaker, a regular TV host of "Atlanta Live" on WATC-TV, 8x Author, a sought after professional Event Emcee & Charity Auctioneer. Aurea also hosts her own exciting Podcast & TV show titled "Get Celebritized" helping people Earn More - Live More - Give More and she's the founder of "Celebritize Your Business" strategy courses for entrepreneurs. A cancer and domestic violence Sur-THRIVER and a walking miracle!

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Rachel Ogan-Mind and Body Detox Expert

MIND & BODY DETOX EXPERT Water Medicine Woman Rachel facilitates healing experiences where people are able to feel the comprehensive connection to the mind, body and spirit though movement and water medicine.

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Juliano Teruel-Elite Athlete & Coach

Originally from Brazil Juliano has been prominently featured worldwide as an elite athlete. At 16 he was a national champion swimmer and olympic hopeful. He then began cycling, running and raced professionally for years. At 22 he became a top ironman finisher and later he began competing in short distance triathlons and raced all over the world for years while coaching. 


Ashlee Fay Bransletter - Motivational Speaker

Ashlee is a motivational speaker, best selling author, business coach, owner of ASHLEE Fay shopping network and co-visionary of Embrace Your Ambition. Knowing what it was like to feel stuck, broken, and at rock-bottom, Ashlee made it her mission to inspire women to courageously step into the plan that God has for each of them. Ashlee strives to help entrepreneurs start and evolve their business so they can find purpose, passion, and profits. Ashlee has most recently been featured in USA Today Magazine. 

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Lyann Nguyen-CreditNinja

Lyann is a Vietnamese American entrepreneur, speaker, technologist, and social media personality. She is currently the CEO and Co Founder of The ReCredit Company, LLC, a full service credit technology company. ReCredit has helped thousands of clients improve their credit and obtain various financing.


Rebecca Keselburg-Brand Strategist

Rebecca helps online entrepreneurs shine their light in the world with her proprietary BrandingYOU process to create brands and digital assets that reflect the unique personality of her clients. As a master course creator she is helping entrepreneurs leverage their time to create influence, income & massive impact. Rebecca Is the host of the Inspiring Your Shine Podcast that helps online entrepreneurs shine bright and make a difference. 

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Krystalore Crews-Fitness & Confidence Coach

Krystalore Crews is a 20-year USAF Veteran, former NFL Cheerleader, 25-time Marathoner, Fitness Coach, and Leadership Consultant. Her igniting energy paired with her story of resilience packs a punch! She empowers others to #CrewsBeyondLimits by sharing her experience from the military, cancer, and wheelchair bound struggles to her days as a competitive professional athlete, dancer, and entrepreneur. She’s a motivational Speaker, Author, Coach, Consultant, and Retreat Leader, on a mission to empower every person on the planet to put themselves first for just 34 minutes per day! 

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Danielle Paci-Stylist

Danielle has been working in the fashion industry for over 15 years and has styled high profile people such as Sigourney Wever, Victor Garber, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Ronnie from The Jersey Shore. She helps women feel less stressed and more confident when it comes to styling themselves so that they can go out there and slay the world!! She is also the host of the Balance City Podcast. 

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Shawn Jackson-Clothing Designer 

Owner of Upstylish a clothing design business. Upstylish specializes in shirts with inspirational quotes and Shawn Jackson's mission is to show people who grew up in situations like his that there are options outside of crime. 


Alexander Gonzalez - Influencer & Speaker

Alexander is a Social Audio Influencer, Ketopreneur and paid public speaker. He is a husband and father of two. His past trauma and abuse were holding him back until he made the decision to step into his power and transformed his health. His life changed forever after losing 84 lbs, discovering self-love, and finding his peace. 


Christopher Rickstrew - Coach and Speaker

At 27 years old, Chris downsized his company and moved to Asia for 3 years to change his life. Chris discovered his passion and purpose in life, coached 1,000's of people, and started a business that he loves! Today, Chris is transformational speaker, master coach, and founder of a personal development brand called 8 Billion Lions with the mission to change the world by helping people unleash their potential and live a life they love!


Stephanie Puryear Helling - Coach and Speaker

Founder of SPH Services She is leading people and teams to success through Transformational Leadership - Change Management Strategies - Team Resilience. With over 25 years in leading and developing teams, Stephanie has proven to be a reliable and effective executive leader, coach, and facilitator, bringing a vision-driven approach to leading people and teams to success.   


Chase Daniel Johnson-The Stress Relief Expert

Chase is a self-published author of “The Chase of Authenticity” and founder of Chase the Best Version You LLC. His online business consists of holistic home good products and stress relief consulting.  He has worked as a massage therapist for over four years and now wants to share all his stress relief secrets with you.


Noah Crane- Author & Founder of  The 3G Effect

Noah Crane is the author of the book “The Grass is Greenest Where I Am”. Empowerment and  Transformational Coach, public speaker. Noah is the founder and designer of the "3 G Effect" Movement & Jewelry collection. It reminds you daily to stay in a positive mindset and attitude as you go through your day by having a Grateful heart, being Grounded in love and compassion, and Growing and transforming yourself daily to create a life you truly 

She is also the co-founder of Conscious Co-op organization. She created this group because she believes that connection is the key to all we want in our lives, and says, “ Together We Are Won.” 


Frederick W. Penny-Lawyer

Frederick W. Penney is an AV Preeminent rated Attorney by Martindale Hubbell, one of the most prestigious ratings system in the United States. Penney and Associates California Personal Injury Lawyers have handled numerous high profile personal injury cases and thousands of personal injury cases which has made the Penney & Associates® firm arguably one of the most sought after personal injury firms in the state.


Sally Colón-Petree- Producer/Director

Sally Colón-Petree has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, her vast career includes working alongside names like Jenny McCarthy, Joe Pesci, and David Spade. Sally began her career in entertainment as talent and subsequently as a television producer, radio host, talent manager, production manager and most recently as a director of feature films. Sally has a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of achieving success in a hyper-competitive market. In 2004, Sally created Dream On Productions, a Los Angeles based, female-driven boutique Production Company. Dream On’s mission is to produce creative, socially impactful projects that are educational, and crafted to bring awareness to subjects that will ignite the hearts of people globally and locally. 


Anthony White - Motivational Speaker

My mother had 9 kids raised none. I’m the youngest of the 9 and was born a premature crack baby. I grew up in Cleveland Ohio one of the most dangerous places to live in the U.S. I provide hope,
belief, and strength through your journey. I speak about mental health, past trauma along with my life story with teaching how to attack dreams.


Jeff Cunningham - Brand & Marketing Consultant

Jeff J Cunningham is a Brand & Marketing Consultant, Real Estate Investor, Paid Influencer, Speaker, Author, YouTuber and host of the Make More Money Podcast.  Jeff owns equity in lead generation software and specializes in consulting businesses to increase leads and empower their brand and message with short form video to long form automated webinars.  He dreams to open Kokomo Jays, a coffee shop, in honor of his late brother - and now has partnered with experts in their field and founded the firm Changing Lives Consulting, that focuses on complete 360 business consulting.  

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Monea Williams - Founder of Lux Telemedicine and Concierge. 

Monea Williams, MSN FNP-C Is the Founder and Certified Nurse Practitioner of Lux Telemedicine and Concierge a Nursing Corporation in California. Her focus is Health Optimization and Beauty.  Beauty Optimizing is bringing out the beauty in ones-self.  The concierge service has been on the set of many production companies, NBA and NFL players, entertainers, movie actors and actress and politicians. Lux is currently responsible for Broadway San Diego and several theaters for the emergency services for all their events. Just recently her company provided services for Tom Cruise the Movie Premier “Top Gun 2”. Monea is passionate about what she does and helps other Nurses start their concierge business.

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Adriana Romero - Royalty Events

One Stop Shop that specializes in Event Planning and Luxury Transportation, located in San Diego California. SD Royalty Events is the most Reliable, Affordable, Experienced Event Company in all of North County San Diego, we know how to treat our clients like Royalty!


Wendy Shore-Business Strategist & Adviser

Wendy Shore is an entrepreneur and multiple business owner. A Restaurateur & CPA turned Business Strategist & Advisor. Wendy is also Co-President of The Mom Link. Her newest venture, CellFactor™ is a revolutionary Skincare regimen that combines the science of stem cells with advances in cosmetic technology to renew and replenish your skin cells.


BabbleOnBrook - Motivational Speaker

BabbleOnBrooke is the founder of “Stand Out Online Academy” as well as an International Award-Winning Host, Top Motivational Speaker, Coach for Entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 Spokesperson and former International TV+Stage Actor who blends her unique combination of a successful entertainment background with life-enhancing mindset skills to help entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations communicate effectively, stand out online and more easily attract their ideal demographic


Theo Cummings - Neuroscience Expert 

Theo is a neuroscience expert, musician and the founder of the globally recognized spiritual business company Frequency Influence featured in Forbes.  He has supported leaders in public big 4 companies and has helped hundreds of private clients who are coaches and service-based entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses to 6-7 figures of conscious impact with energetics.  Theo has 7 years of expertise in Rapid Transformational Subconscious Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, personal brand expression, sound healing and psychotherapy. He has also hosted global retreats that focus on healing the unconscious mind, creative expression and leadership for coaches and entrepreneurs to transcend their unconscious fears of failure by mastering charisma leadership communication, human design for flow state and consciousness expansion.


Ryan Lanky-Social Media Marketing & Branding Strategist

Ryan is the founder of Lanky Media. He is called the Brandy Manny in branding and social media marketing, because he gives you the tools to BO$$ & BUILD an identifiable brand utilizing strategy, automation and aesthetics. He will stop at nothing TIL everyone understands they ARE the SECRET FORMULA to their success, to where they can go from HELPLESS to HELPFUL!


Laura Hearn - Business & Financial Coach/Consultant

Laura Hearn is the Founder of LH Consulting, the Empowered Modern Women Movement, and Fearless Fem Founder Mindset Program. She is a Certified Entrepreneurship and Business Coach, attained her MBA in Financial Valuation + Investment Management. For nearly a decade Laura has been running a multimillion-dollar coaching and financial business working helping women become financially confident.

Laura is obsessed with Empowering Women to become Fearless Female Founders. 


Ashley McCurdy- Founder Of Nomads At Sea

Ashley McCurdy decided to “level up” two years ago after she lost her corporate job, and got rid of her apartment to travel the world, live in hotels full-time on about $500 a week, and vlog about her experiences.  She is most known for staying 103 nights at Marriott properties in 2020 for $4356, including properties like the Ritz Carlton in Cancun & W in Midtown Atlanta. Ashley is on a mission to teach others how to create a life that they don’t need to take a vacation from.  Ashley is also the cofounder of Nomads At Sea, a conference for digital nomads that takes place on a cruise ship and sets sail March 2023.


Paul Vato- Actor/Improviser/Businessman

Paul Vato is an actor, improvisor, voiceover artist, entrepreneur & host of Paul Vato Presents: A Celebrity Centric Podcast! Paul Vato has appeared in such hit shows as MADtv, The Sarah Silverman Program, Cedric The Entertainer Presents:, The Bold and The Beautiful & To Tell The Truth. He most recently appeared in The Trust opposite Nicholas Cage. Paul Vato divides his time between LA and Las Vegas & recently lost 70lbs by doing yoga and changing his lifestyle. Paul Vato trained at iO and The Second City in Chicago, the Mecca of improvisational comedy. All Social Media: PaulVato.com


Kathryn (Kat) Linehan- Author

Kat is the founder of StudioIgnite.com and co-owner of SlowForm Malibu located in the heart of Malibu California, serving notable clients in the entertainment world. Kat is a passionate entrepreneur who combines her faith with her many passions to spark transformation in your mind, body and heart. Whether it be as a health innovator, film producer, or the book she has authored; titled 'Pearl Diving', it is Kat's desire that each person she encounters be uplifted and encouraged to step forward toward their best self. Kat is also the founder of a transformational practice called FORM®. Over the past 20 years Kat has created and honed this ground breaking modality that in research with both Sports Medicine and Psychology faculty shows that the FORM® programs increase empathy, cognitive function, and positive body image. 


Liza Millan- Ceo/Executive Producer of MASTERPIECE

Liza Millan is the CEO & Executive Producer of MASTERPIECE, an Event Experiential Agency. Liza has worked as an Events Manager for some of the Top Fortune 100 and 500 companies for over 20 years. She was also one of the Top 80 Event planners in the nation who was featured in FORBES Magazine, and a two time #1 International Best-Selling Author.  She has worked with well-known artists and celebrities such as Flo Rida and Journey.  Her work has always been marked with excellence and her company, MASTERPIECE, was awarded the Bronze Award winner out of 567 event agencies in 37 countries for the Eventex Awards 2021.  She is also the producer of the upcoming, first of its kind, EXCLUSIVE WELLNESS EVENT this October 2022 in Las Vegas, called “UNTETHER”.


Alec Stern- America's StartUp Success Expert

"America's Startup Success Expert"Selected to the Influence 100 Authority List by Influence Magazine
Recognized as The World Authority for Entrepreneurship by The Credible Source. Alec has more than 25 years of experience as a co founder, mentor, investor and hyper-growth agent for companies across various industries. He is a motivational speaker & innovator with extensive expertise in growing and scaling companies, startup and operational growth, go-to-market strategy, strategic partnerships and more. 

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Tommy Jackson- Financial Adviser/Youth Mentor

Tommy Jackson’s accomplishments in business, music, coaching and mentoring youth spans three decades. As a Financial Advisor, Tommy has been honored by Barron's magazine as a Top 1,000 Advisor in 2009, 2011 & 2013, and as a Top 1,200 Advisor in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. In 2013, Tommy was honored as the #1 Financial Advisor in the state of Alabama by Barron's magazine. Tommy was named to the Forbes/SHOOK “Best-In-State Wealth Advisors” List in 2018 and 2019, ranking #5 in Alabama for 2018 and #9  in 2019. Auburn University at Montgomery has recognized Tommy with the Outstanding Alumni Award, given to AUM's top 50 graduates. In 2018, Tommy fully dedicated his career and time to his mentorship efforts, beginning a movement called “The Power of your W.A.L.K.” He brings a program of self-empowerment into schools, colleges, businesses, and communities across the country. So far, Tommy’s journey has taken him through many unique chapters, but none as important as this one: His life purpose is to help others find their true potential.

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AJ Glover - Event Sponsor

AJ is a successful entrepreneur and professional coach. Through running multiple successful businesses herself, she walks her clients through the often confusing process of making decisions in order for them to make better results happen in their lives. Using creativity, passion and knowledge of what works from within herself and from clients, she designs coaching programs that educate, empower and inspire all of her clients to go beyond what they thought was possible.

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Lauren LaPointe - CMEP Consultants
Epic Event Planning & Execution

Lauren LaPointe is a 2 Time World Champion in competitive ballroom dance.  She has used this as her personal Mission Statements to help inspire those around her to become their own champions.  She grew up in a philanthropic family where she learned her shills and talents.   Her family started 2 foundations based on entrepreneurship and performing arts.  With this knowledge she started CMEP Consulting, so she can bring together people, vendors, and events from inception to execution as well as help management professionals elevate to c-suite positions through proper protocol and etiquette techniques with her guidance.  If we can learn to prepare for future events, meetings, and introductions, our chances of presenting ourselves in a favorable manner will help us become that Champion!


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Mental Health Awareness & The Fight against sex trafficking

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Slave Free Project

We are proud to be supporting the Slave Free Project that is fighting back against sex trafficking that is happening in our local communities.


When you attend or partner with us as a sponsor at Level.Up you are also helping this incredible mission to free these precious women and children from slavery.